Revolver is a scripting module for Sitecore. It is designed to make developer's and administrator's lives easier and was developed using the experience collected by developing in Sitecore every day. There are 4 major principals which guide the development of Revolver. These are:

What is Revolver good for?

So what is Revolver good for? Here's a few common scenarios Revolver can be used for.

Demo Video

I've recorded a demonstration video of how to use revolver. It shows the basic usage of common commands through to creating custom scripts.

Download the Revolver demo video. (11,337k)

Quick Start Guide

If you'd like to learn about how to use Revolver (beyond the demo video), have a look at the Revolver Quick Start Guide. This document covers how to use Revolver and is intended to get you up and running quickly.

Download the Revolver Quick Start Guide. (221k)


If you've read the quick start guide, and had a go, and can't work out how to do something with Revolver, you can send me an email at You can send questions, suggestions, feature requests, anything related to Revolver.