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My New Blog

Welcome to my new Blog!

Now get off my back Phil!

My name is Alistair Deneys and I’m a Solution Architect working with .net and Sitecore. I have a strong interest in programming languages and development process and I hope to share some of my experiences with you.

Ever since Phil Heltewig started the Australian Sitecore office, he’s been hassling me to start a blog. I’ve been resisting for a while now as I’ve just had too much on. I hope some of you have seen my hard work in Revolver. Now that the Revolver release is imminent (the beta is just wrapping up), I’m finding I have a little more time on my hands (which I’m sure will evaporate very soon). This all also falls into timing with the NDA period for the new release of Sitecore codenamed Crestone coming to an end and the floodgates are opening on the torrent of Crestone info about to hit the wild, wild web. In a vain fit, I’m hoping to cast one of the first Crestone blog entries (next blog post…).

So, back to me and blogging. Previously I’ve resisted the urge to blog. I’ve seen far too many blogs which were appalling. Blog entries which were no more than “I saw this cool link, go check it out”. Or entries which just asked the readers what they were doing; “I want to do this thing. How are you all doing it?”. These kinds of blog entries add absolutely no value what-so-ever. But why should I not try to contribute just because these other blogs only detract? So I’ve set myself some boundaries and guidelines to blog within.

And so, here we go, further down the rabbit hole…


Hey, welcome to the blog’o’sphere, Alistair. I’m positive we’ll see a lot competent Blogs about Sitecore.
Anyways, congrats with this blog. First post looks good. With a personal recommendation to whoever reads this comment: You guys should try out this Revolver tool; it’s really cool.
Alistair, perhaps you should make a test that checks if it’s running on a personal developer license, then make it availible or somehow find another way to let people test it out?
And Phil, now get off his back!


Unless he stops blogging, then get right back on it.

Hi Al,
great to see that after months and months of pushing you towards it you finally started a blog.
But I’m sorry, there is so much more stuff I would like you to do, I will never get off your back :) Keywords: Book, FOM, Revolver 2.0, Training, and and and
Keep up the good work, Cheers, Phil

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