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The Customized Startbar Module

A little while ago I blogged about how to tweak the startbar in the Sitecore desktop to always display the database name. The issue with the current way in which Sitecore shows the database name is that it puts it on the desktop surface, so it can be obscured by application windows.

And the issue with my little tweak was that it was incompatible with the Quicklaunch Toolbar shared source module I wrote a few years ago, that I almost can’t live without on all my Sitecore projects. Not the concepts, but both the module and the tweak required overriding the startbar sheerUI control. So I had to add the database name tweaks into the quicklaunch toolbar module. But with those additions I don’t think the name of the module was appropriate.

And so I created the Customized Startbar module which you can find at This module contains the database name tweak and the quicklaunch toolbar. And the appropriate naming of the module now paves the way for any other tweaks anyone might come up with.

Customized Startbar 2



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