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WeBlog 2.2 Released

I’m happy to announce the next release of WeBlog, release 2.2, is now available. This release fixed a number of bugs across various areas of the module.

I also spent quite a bit of time testing the more “non-developer” interfaces to the module. A number of updates were made to the Windows Live Writer integration. These updates ensure the appropriate ancestor folders such as those created by the NewsMover module (used by WeBlog to structure the posts) are automatically published when a post is published, as without the folders the post doesn’t end up in the web DB. The image handling was also updated to ensure the images being published from Live writer are named and stored properly.

A few new features were also added.

A discussion around how the module should handle auto-generating summaries for posts on list pages lead to the creation of the weblogGetSummary pipeline. This pipeline is used to generate the summary for a post. Being it’s a Sitecore pipeline it’s quite configurable and allows developers to easily add their own processors or remove existing processors. Check out the wiki page in the Trac project room for full details on the new pipeline:

edit: Since this article was written WeBlog has moved over to github. Documentation on the above pipeline can be found at

Support has also been added to allow different data templates to be used for categories, posts and comments. Documentation for this will be coming soon on the wiki. You’ll find the download links for prebuilt Sitecore packages for Sitecore 6.2 through to 6.5 and latest source on the Trac project room over at

edit: WeBlog has moved over to github and can now be found at


Hello, Alistair.
Sitecore Trac ( is no longer available. Sitecore Trac has been replaced with a new powerful Sitecore Marketplace.
WeBlog shared source module has been moved to Marketplace. The new URL is
Could you please replace the old URL ( with a new one?
Probably, it makes sense to review WeBlog project space and update old links too.
Best Wishes, Oleg Burov

Alistair Deneys

Good point Oleg, I'd better go through my posts and update URLs from Trac to marketplace

Alistair, my team is investigating a blogging solution for our websites. We are moving to Sitecore and are interested in WeBlog, but I haven't found a lot of documentation or unbiased reviews. Would you recommend some reading material for us?

Alistair Deneys

Hi Tom, All documentation for WeBlog is on github wiki. Since I wrote this article We've moved the project over to github and the old Trac environment has been shut down. So first place to get started would be . To make complete sense of the documentation though, you'll need to understand Sitecore and know how to develop within it.
As for unbiased reviews, I'm not sure I've seen any. Most of the stuff written about WeBlog is from members of the team contributing to it (myself, Nick Wesselman or Mark Van Aalst). From the feedback we receive it appears most people using it are quite happy with it, though I suspect many people use the codebase as a starting point for their own customized version of the module. Have a look round on the SDN forums and maybe even ask the question of others opinions of the module.

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