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WeBlog 2.4 Released

After a hell of a lot of effort I'm very proud to announce the release of WeBlog 2.4. The biggest feature of this release is full support for Content Search and support for Sitecore 8.0. You'll find a full list of issues fixed on the release page above. This release also marks the end of support for any version of Sitecore prior to 7.0. The codebase still contains all the old code and build configurations for the previous Sitecore versions, but Sitecore packages will not be provided for those versions. So if you're stuck on a very old version of Sitecore, you'll just have to bake the package yourself. My first task for the next release of WeBlog will be to remove all this legacy code and build configurations to make future development easier. The decision to drop support for non-content search Sitecore releases was based on a few points. Firstly, with so many versions being supported the projects were getting a bit difficult to maintain. Lots of conditional compilation directives and also conditions in the MSBuild project files. Secondly, a good rule of thumb for module development is to support the current and previous major versions of the product. Sitecore 8.0 is the current major version and 7.0 is the previous major version. And lastly, Sitecore 7.0 was released almost 2.5 years ago. That should be more than enough time to upgrade to a newer version of Sitecore. Huge thanks go to Vikram Rathore for kicking off this release with a Pull Request. Also to Alan Null and Nick Wesselman for helping get the release over the line at the end.


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