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Trekroner Fort

If there were a Mecca for Sitecore developers, it would likely be this place. Trekroner Fort. This famous Danish landmark welcomed many fresh-faced Sitecore developers and users as the default desktop background in Sitecore version 7.x and prior.

As a Sitecore developer, I had to take the opportunity when it arose, to visit this significant location. So please enjoy this Sitecore developers photo tour of Trekroner Fort.

Trekroner approach 1

Trekroner approach 2

Trekroner bomb shelter

Trekroner bomb shelter wall

Trekroner bomb shelter hall

Trekroner bomb shelter archs

Trekroner bomb shelter hall 2

Trekroner Canons

Trekroner Canon Barrel


Trekroner riffle hole

Trekroner officers

Trekroner from officers

Trekroner from bomb shelter top

Trekroner windmills

Trekroner lighthouse

Trekroner yellow flower

Trekroner white flower

Trekroner bomb shelter back

Trekroner bomb shelter 2

Trekroner invading your desktop

Trekroner 2


looks amazing and the weather seemed nice for your visit!

Alistair Deneys

The weather was quite nice, though the wind off the ocean around the back was quite chilly

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