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Upgrading SashimiCMS

SashimiCMS 1.1 and above comes with an upgrade target in the build file. This target is to make upgrading of SashimiCMS easier. To use the target, fill in the location of the SashimiCMS you wish to upgrade in the project.path.previous_install property. The upgrade is done in place in the CMS you are executing the upgrade target for.

The upgrade target deletes all current data files in the current CMS and copies the previous CMSs data files over in the folders data, pages, templates and resources. If you have changed the location or name of any of these folders you will either have to restore their original names or change the paths in the upgrade task.

After the file copy upgrade then runs the new validate task which validates all the new data files to make sure they conform to their specific schemas. The validate target will not alert you to new attributes which are missing on XML nodes, but will alert you to removed or changed attributes.

In the latest ANT release there is a bug in the xmlvalidate task which is used to perform the validation. When using an XSD file (which we are) only the first file in a fileset will be validated. For this reason we can only validate a single file, so the validate task only validates a single file from each of the above folders. If you want to check all files you will have to add tasks to perform the validation on each file seperatley. Also note that validate tries to pick common filenames which exist in the base SashimiCMS structure. If you’ve changed filenames you will need to alter the validate task to handle that new filenames.

Extra Steps

In addition to running the upgrade task, you will also have to copy over any custom controls and altered base controls. Also if you have added or customised any targets or tasks you will also have to edit the build file and add your changes back in.