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Into Shared Source

It is with great pride I today became part of the elite known as the Sitecore shared source contributors. How does one become part of such a privileged group? You just have to contribute something to the Sitecore shared source repository :) . I have placed one of my Sitecore tweaks, the Editor Line Numbers which I released on this blog a few months ago, into Sitecore shared source.

I did this after Jimmie Overby contacted me after he saw my tweaks posted on my blog. I had been thinking of how I might contribute some of my tweaks into the shared source, but I didn’t see these things as requiring a great many updates and improvements that would engage community contributors. But Jimmie pointed out to me something that I already realised. The SDN is the central resource for all things Sitecore. Some people may stumble upon my blog, but more people will be frequenting SDN so there’s more chance of the community gaining benefit from my tweaks if they can reach them through this central channel.

And so for this reason I will be placing all my future Sitecore tweaks into shared source. If Jimmie doesn’t want them, then I’ll just put them on my website. I’m also currently working on moving the quick launch toolbar over to shared source as well.

You can now find the editor line numbers tweak at [ Line](/files/Editor Line


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