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Eleventy Nested Pagination

Eleventy (the cool static site generator) has a great feature called Pagination which allows you to iterate over a list of things in chunks and produce multiple output files. As I was migrating this very site over to Eleventy, I found I needed to perform a double pagination. This is when, during paginating over a list of blog post years, I found I wanted to also paginate again over the posts in those years, so I could have at most 20 posts on a single list page.

Eleventy Migration

Back in 2018 I migrated my blog from WordPress to Hexo. Hexo is a static site generator running on Node.js. At the time I chose Hexo because it allowed me complete control over the structure of the resulting website, plus I could override and tweak the markup of the resulting pages. Hexo is a fairly fully-featured static site generator. It has a lot of functionality built into it to cover a lot of...