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Revolver 3.2 Released

Early this week I released Revolver 3.2. This release includes many small features I wanted to include in release 3.1, but I didn't want to delay that release just to fit them in. But there is one major new feature, Sitecore 9.0 support. For full details, find the Revolver 3.2 Release on github.

Support for Sitecore 9.0

As with any minor Sitecore release, there can be API changes to the Sitecore API. There are a few small incompatibilities with the Revolver 3.1 codebase and Sitecore 9.0, so Revolver 3.2 includes tweaks to allow Revolver to run on Sitecore 9.0.

Touch command renamed

It's probably pretty easy to see that I had quite a fondness of Linux when I first created Revolver. Many of the commands are named after the Linux version (ls, rm, touch, etc). But in reflection, this wasn't the most intuitive approach for an audience mainly dealing with Windows. In particular, I think the touch command is not very well named for what it actually does, which is create new items. So, I renamed touch to create. To avoid disruptions for people using touch, I also added an alias, so touch will still work.

New Commands

Revolver 3.2 comes with a couple of new commands. These are all to make my day-to-day life easier in creating test content.

pageevents command

The new pageevents command can be used to manage the page events associated with an item. When used without parameters, pageevents will list the current page events tagged to the item. To add a page event, use the -a parameter. To remove a page event, use the -r parameter. The following example shows how to add the out-of-the-box "Login" goal to an item:

pageevents -a {66722F52-2D13-4DCC-90FC-EA7117CF2298}

filler command

The filler command can generate "Lorem Ipsum" filler content to help with generating content for test items. You can specify the upper and lower limits of the number of words, sentences or paragraphs of test content to generate. In this example, we'll generate between 2 and 5 sentences of "Lorem Ipsum" text:

filler -s 2 5

newid command

The newid command does as it says; creates a new ID.


Aliases and custom commands survive application restarts

Revolver is designed for developers, and if you're using Revolver on a local Sitecore instance chances are you're writing code for it and the Sitecore application is constantly being restarted on each compilation of your project. I found it very frustrating when using custom commands that on every compilation I would have to rebind my aliases and custom commands. With Revolver 3.2, aliases and custom command bindings are now stored in the Revolver session context, so they are by default saved to disk and survive application restarts. If you bind a custom command and restart IIS, the custom command is still present in your Revolver session.


Not a huge release, but required. So, go grab Revolver from github, or the Revolver download page on codeflood.


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